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About us

Who We are?

Mikes is an art studio catering its services to crafting tattoos and body piercing. The numerous diverse beliefs we uphold distinguish us from the majority of the local businesses. From among the most cutting-edge, our welcoming atmosphere and friendly service won’t let you down.

We enjoy creating piercings and Pennsylvania Tattoo. We are here to turn your thoughts into expertly designed, enduring visuals, provide an enjoyable, relaxing experience, and address any of your inquiries. Our goal is to provide our customers with the finest possible service, the highest caliber tattoo and piercings and to build a community of outstanding artists that will grow and learn from one another as they develop their artistic skills.

We aim to make you feel welcome at all times and will take the time to help you in turning your vision into a full-fledged masterpiece.

We offer the following:

Our Aim

Our aim at Mike’s Tattoos is to offer our customers personalized tattoos and Body Piercing Studio most carefully in a comfortable and secure environment. We work hard to make sure you get the tattoo you want. We continually work to provide the highest quality services we can. We take great pride in our hygiene and our clients’ happiness.


Custom and specialty work is what we excel at Mike's. Every artwork, whether in full color or black and white, is distinctive and receives individual attention


All of our artists are certified, insured, and state-licensed. Clients fly in from all over the world because they recognize the quality of our art and artists! They are experts in what they provide


At Mikes, your passion for the art is recognized, valued, and delivered because we are passionate about what we craft

Justin Dietz
Justin Dietz
Great work and great prices! Mike himself no longer works here, but all the employees do a great job. Clean and professional
Trish ZernoneWood
Trish ZernoneWood
amazing service, very quick manual piercing with no gun. redid my nose and industrial with no appt and done within 10 mins. I highly recommend for piercing since I never had a tattoo done there, YET
Kiersten Ingram
Kiersten Ingram
Got piercings done here , they did a great job!!! And the owner is really nice
Angela Hartgen
Angela Hartgen
I went as a walk in very clean BOBBY was very professional and I am more than happy with my tattoo!