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mike's tattoo
Mike's Tattoo

The artisans at Mike's excel at designing, precision, and attention to detail in their art, along with the latest tools and equipment to facilitate the procedure

Mike's Tattoo

The artisans at Mike's excel at designing, precision, and attention to detail in their art, along with the latest tools and equipment to facilitate the procedure

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Custom and specialty work is what we excel at Mike's. Every artwork, whether in full color or black and white, is distinctive and receives individual attention


All of our artists are certified, insured, and state-licensed. Clients fly in from all over the world because they recognize the quality of our art and artists! They are experts in what they provide


At Mikes, your passion for the art is recognized, valued, and delivered because we are passionate about what we craft

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Have a look at our fascinating designs, which are our art’s absolute representation

Some Must-Known Facts Before You Get a Mike's Tattoo:

The tattoo industry is an intricate one. Most people are unaware that it's a place where aesthetics, health, physical prowess, technique, etching, shading, and beauty all compete on an equal footing. In just a few hours, you may be the proud owner of a brand-new tattoo from a Pennsylvania tattoo shop, but don't let that deter you from giving permanent body art significant thought. Make sure you know the hazards and procedures before getting a mike's tattoo. However, we also understand that if you want your new ink to stay, appropriate tattoo upkeep is essential. Whether it's your first or twentieth tattoo, we've compiled the most acceptable short- and long-term advice from the pros to maintain your tattoo care routine in top form, from how to clean it to warning indications it's time to see a doctor.

What are the Risks of Mike's Tattoos?
Tattoos damage the skin, which makes it potential for skin infections and other problems, such as:
1) Allergy symptoms: Red, green, yellow, and blue tattoo inks, in particular, might result in allergic skin reactions, such as an itching rash at the tattoo location. Even years after getting the tattoo shops near me , this could still happen.
2) Infected skin: Following a tattoo, skin infection is possible.
3) Further skin issues: Around tattoo ink, a swelling condition known as a granuloma can occasionally develop. Keloids, which are elevated spots brought on by an excess of scar tissue, are another side effect of tattooing.
4) Blood borne illnesses: You may get different blood borne infections, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, if the tattooing equipment is contaminated with infected blood.
5) Complications with MRI: Rarely can MRI tests result in swelling or burning in the affected areas due to tattoos or permanent makeup. Pigments used in tattoos may cause problems with the image's quality.
How can you Preserve Yourself from Mike's Tattoo Aftermaths?
1) Never use excessive amounts of tattoo creams or lotions: As lotion and tattoo cream hinder your skin from breathing and slow healing. This is similar to re-wrapping your bandage. Apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare creams daily to keep your fresh ink moisturized and hydrated. If you unintentionally use too much, wipe the extra with a paper towel.
2) Never scratch your tattoo: It is a fact that healing tattoos might occasionally get itchy, but you should never scratch the area. Instead, simply wash it with tepid water and antibacterial soap without smell, pat it dry, and add more aftercare cream or lotion to the tattoo places near me. If you're using a tattoo aftercare product with just clean, natural ingredients, this should help reduce the itching. Be warned that scratching your ink may result in bacterial illnesses or the unintentional removal of scabs or peeling skin.
3) Never immerse your new tattoo in water: For the first 4-6 weeks, stay away from baths, swimming, and skinny dipping in lakes, oceans, pools, and hot tubs. Your fresh tattoo can be damaged by being submerged or exposed to excessive water. Your skin absorbs water like a sponge. The last thing you want when your tattoo shops near me is healing is for it to become wet. Infection risk is also increased because you can never be sure how clean the water is. Remember that another dangerous component you should stay away from is the chlorine found in pools and hot tubs. A fresh tattoo may become damaged by chlorine and experience drying, peeling, burning, and itching.

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Mike's Tattoo Studio

The artisans at Mike’s tattoo shops near me excel at designing, precision, and attention to detail in their art, along with the latest tools and equipment to facilitate the procedure

What's the Pre-Tattoo Preparation?

Before getting a tattoo places near me, you should do a lot of nice things, though not necessarily in the following order: A meal beforehand, a water bottle, a cleansing shower, arriving 10 to 15 minutes early to complete paperwork, dressing comfortably in loose-fitting clothing, abstaining from using drugs or alcohol the night before or at any other time before, and getting plenty of rest is always recommended.

Is it important to book a Tattoo Consultation First?

The most effective way for customers and artists to interact is through consultations. To have the desired design and appointment arranged, follow-up consultations that can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes may be required. You would then make a deposit and arrange for your upcoming tattoo session. Now is the time to discuss the schedule, design ideas, costs, and deposits.

Are Tattoos unbearably painful?

Since everyone has a varied threshold for pain, it is difficult to predict what might hurt you personally. Although some places hurt more than others, it depends on the individual.

How Long does it take to recover?

The amount of shading done, the complexity of the tattoo, and the person's location all affect how quickly a tattoo heals. When your tattoo is smooth to the touch and has stopped flaking, it has finally healed.

How Lasting Are Tattoos?

Tattoos can persist flawlessly for 10 to 20 years or more before they are obviously in need of restoration, provided that you have taken excellent care of them and have not chosen a site located in a worn spot on your body. Wear-prone regions include the hands, feet, and fingers.

How frequently must the Piercing be cleaned?

The response is simply ALWAYS. For as long as you have the piercing in your body, you will need to clean and care for it. You have made an opening in your tissue that, if neglected, could flare up with discomfort or become infected at any time.

What's the best Application for Piercings?

SOAP and WATER are the BEST things to utilize in any piercing situation—they are your only choice!

My piercing has a "bump" on it. What shall I do?

First things first, arrange a time to have a look by getting in touch with our piercer. Your "lump" is probably likely a keloid. In cartilage piercings, keloids are common and usually pose little threat to the piercing. However, they must be handled carefully from the beginning. If there is a problem with your piercing, don't hesitate to call the piercer immediately because every individual and piercing is unique.

My Jewelry Fall-off, Will the piercing close?

Get to the store as soon as possible and have something put back in, whether you have lost a ball or the entire piece of jewelry, before it becomes challenging to get the jewelry back in. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get the jewelry back in if the piercing is new or is still within the change-out window.


Justin Dietz
Justin Dietz
Great work and great prices! Mike himself no longer works here, but all the employees do a great job. Clean and professional
Trish ZernoneWood
Trish ZernoneWood
amazing service, very quick manual piercing with no gun. redid my nose and industrial with no appt and done within 10 mins. I highly recommend for piercing since I never had a tattoo done there, YET
Kiersten Ingram
Kiersten Ingram
Got piercings done here , they did a great job!!! And the owner is really nice
Angela Hartgen
Angela Hartgen
I went as a walk in very clean BOBBY was very professional and I am more than happy with my tattoo!








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